What is the regeneration of turbochargers?

What is the regeneration of turbos? The turbocharger is a structural component designed so that worked flawlessly throughout the life of the vehicle. In principle, it should not be subject to any damage and thus require major repairs.

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But as we all know everything is dependent on the operation of the car by the user and its proper maintenance.

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The most common cause any damage to the turbocharger is dirty oil or a foreign object that got inside.

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Turbocharger failures can also cause increased friction, which are the result of disruption in the supply of oil, low pressure or overheating of the turbocharger.

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Turbo device, like many other parts in our car, you can of course be repaired, after which it will be able to function efficiently again. This process is called regeneration of the turbocharger. They do it authorized services, such as turbo company from Birmingham. Regeneration of the device is carried out in several stages.

Dismantling turbochargers

First you need to make a smooth disassembly of each item turbine parts. Then all components are thoroughly washed and sanded. In this process also it assessed the technical condition of individual elements of the turbine. In other words, it reverts to its original appearance.

Checking the technical parameters of components

The next step is to control and inspection of all measurement parameters according to the manufacturer. The purpose of this activity is to check whether the individual components comply with all standards and can be reused. If you do not have to be replaced.

As we know all bearings, seals and rings are elements that frequently wear out during operation of the turbocharger. All so they are replaced with new ones during the regeneration process. So too are exchanged. flingers oil. At this stage of the checks or balances the element of the turbine on a dedicated balancer. If the motor is working properly on the system simulation engine, there is no need for a new one.

Installation of the entire system turbochargers

The last process is, of course resubmission of all components turbochargers and subjecting the entire leak test, the system already assembled. Finally, a test is performed in a special simulator, checks and possibly continuously adjusts the boost pressure.

When the unit passes all of these steps, and then passed all tests and monitoring may be again installed in the vehicle.

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Turbo problems?

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