TurboCharger failure, whistling sound, loss of power, black smoke, blue smoke, white smoke

Turbo failure, whistling, grounding, siren sound, car loss all power on motorway, car is sluggish in urban drive, black smoke and underboost condition, white smoke and car loose lots of oil, car over revving on motorway, engine lost all oil, intercooler full of oil. Best Turbos™ will replace your faulty turbo in one working day. If you looking for turbo replacement for Audi, we can help you. Turbo supply and turbo fitting service: https://www.bestturbos.uk/ Why choose Best Turbos™? Turbo replacement, turbo fitting service available, fast service, guarantee old turbo parts back, photographic evidence from job, very good reputation, best prices, free turbo inspection, 24 months warranty for turbo and labour

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When turbocharger fails? When turbo fails?

Turbo failure, turbo failures, smoke, whistling, noisy, siren sound, turbo no boosting, car loss of power, big black smoke on accelerate, check engile light, white smoke, car in  overboost condition, car in underboost condition, limp mode, car is sluggish.

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Why turbo failure – lack of service, missing / crack air filter crack boost or vacuum hoses or pipes, reason: turbo impact damaged, turbo compressor wheel damaged on cold side, engine failure, reason: turbo impact damaged from hot site / engine site. Lack of service problems: shaft is overheated or damaged, turbo seal or bearing damaged. Before fitting new turbo remove problems – should be turbo failure again and again. Not sure how to fit turbo? Find local mechanic who can fits turbos properly or book turbo fitting service with us!

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Turbocharger’s lifespan and durability is usually slightly above 350 thousand miles, however, at times, first signs of its failure may occur earlier. The most common signs of turbocharger damage are the following:

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check engine light on dashboard

Loss of power degraded performance and delayed reaction of the turbo upon pressing the gas pedal, check engine light on dashboard / limp mode.
The turbo increases the engine power developed by the drive unit, which is why one of the basic signals of its damage is the loss of power. When the car is clearly losing its momentum, turbo should be immediately inspected. Since turbo’s mulfunction can lead to the engine overload, this may also be indicated by the activation of the ‘check engine control on the dashboard. This may lead in extreme cases to engine damage. Engine overloading can be detected on computer scanning – if this is the case , we can be sure that our turbo has so much carbon deposits that they have jammed the turbo blade. Once the blades inside a turbo are blocked with carbon, further driving becomes a risky business e.g. if our car loses its momentum during overtaking maneuvers, it can lead to a road accident.

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turbo problems limp mode

Turbo Charger failure, turbo failures, turbo smoke, turbo whistling sound, turbo loss of power, turbo black smoke, turbo blue smoke, turbo white smoke

Presence of blue or black exhaust smoke
Progressive usage of turbo charger is often signaled by smoke from the exhaust pipe.

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Turbo Charger failure, loss of power, black smoke, blue smoke

Turbo Charger failure, turbo failures, turbo smoke, turbo whistling sound, turbo loss of power, turbo black smoke, turbo blue smoke, turbo white smoke

Blue color of the exhaust gas ( turbo blue smoke) can mean that the engine oil is combusted, thereby unsealing the turbo charger.

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turbo problems black smoke

Turbo Charger failure, turbo failures, turbo smoke, turbo whistling sound, turbo loss of power, turbo overboost, turbo black smoke, turbo blue smoke, turbo white smoke

Black smoke, on the other hand which often happens in the case of turbo diesel cars, suggests that some fuel is not burned, or turbo charger pumps inadequate amount of air. There may be a lot more faults that produce smoke fumes – similar signs appear when the injection pump is faulty or when injectors have crashed or worn off.

• Oils problems – oil leakages inside and outside the system.

turbo oil leak

In turbocharged cars, increased engine oil consumption may be caused by a faulty turbo charger. Heavily worn bearings of the turbine are responsible for excessive oil consumption. Oil then filters into both the combustion chamber (via the intake manifold), as well as the hot exhaust system. Characteristic bluish fumes from the exhaust pipe are a visual sign of oil leakage.

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•Noisy or whistling turbocharger / turbo whistling sound

turbo whistling sound

Turbo Problems?

Turbo problems, failures: black smoke, blue smoke, white smoke, lack of power, turbo no boost, whistle sound, overboost, underboost

Turbo problems?

Diesel or Petrol Car Turbo Problems: turbo failures, faulty actuator, faulty boost sensor, faulty mass flow sensor, no power, no boost, black smoke, white smoke, blue smoke, oil leaks, oil in intercooler, oil in turbo pipes, P0234 turbo overboost, P0299 turbo underboost,

The above are the main signs of turbo malfunction, however, this is not always the case. Before the turbo fault is confirmed, a thorough assessment at the specialist auto centre should be carried out as the fault may be elsewhere. It is not worth postponing a visit at the auto centre as its damage may lead to failure of other parts of the vehicle.

Turbo failure, turbo whistling sound, turbo loss of power, turbo black smoke, turbo blue smoke, turbo sticky vanes, faulty turbo actuator ?

Our technicians have expertise and extensive experience in repair and fitting turbos for: BMW, Audi, Citroen, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Jaguar, Mercedes, Ford, Vauxhall, Land Rover, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Daihatsu,Toyota, Mazda, GM, KIA & Jeep.

Turbo Charger failure, turbo failures, turbo smoke, turbo whistling sound, turbo loss of power, turbo black smoke, turbo blue smoke, turbo white smoke

Turbos failures, turbo problems:

  • black, white smoke
  • limp mode, turbo no boosting, check engine light
  • overboost condition
  • underboost condition
  • whistle. rattling, siren sound
  • limp mode over 70mph
  • high fuel consumption
  • faulty turbo actuator, sticky, sized VNT

land rover turbo, engine specialists

Turbos Failures

Most turbos failures can be traced back to the engines lubrication system.
The turbo bearing depend on a constant flow of the correct grade of good clean oil to function properly.

Few factors can lead to the breakdown of the turbo lubrication system including lack of maintenance, incorrect grade of oil, incorrect oil filters, blocked oil filters, severe driving conditions, age of the cars can contribute to degradation of the turbos supply of oil.

Any contaminants held within the oil can do turbo damage very quickly if not corrected.

The best defense you have against oil borne contaminates is a very strict maintenance schedule !

Best Turbos™ recommend changing your oil and filter any time the oil starts to change from its original golden brown to a darker brown color or every 6000 miles.

Best Turbos™ – turbo charger reconditioning and turbo fitting service (replacement or repairs) in one working day

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Do you suspect turbo problems?

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Most of mechanics, if vehicle shows lack of power, diagnose turbo fault, and quoting terrible price!
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What if you purchase turbo and spending over £500 or more for turbo + labour costs!
You will install turbo to your vehicle and then the problem is still not resolved.
You pay money and same problem!!!!!!
According to our statistics, 5 on 10 cars or vans diagnosed with turbo failure, has different problem!
(Vacuum problems, boost sensor problems, air map sensor problems, air leaks, oil leaks or faulty turbo actuators)
Before spending money for new or reconditioned turbo check turbo system free of charge!
Lack of power, whistling, white or black smoke, engine light on can be reasoned by several problems not turbo itself!
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