Turbo TurboCharger reconditioning

Best Turbos™ in Birmingham specializes in professional regeneration and assembly of turbochargers for passenger cars, vans and other vehicles powered by combustion engines.

Our offer includes all leading manufacturers: Garrett, KKK, Schwitzer, Holset, Mitsubishi, IHI, Hitachi, Toyota.

Regeneration of turbochargers

The supplied turbocharger is primarily subject to a general inspection, the purpose of which is to pre-determine its technical condition.

At this stage, the turbocharger is visually inspected for mechanical damage and the presence of engine oil in the compressor and turbine housings.

Then the axial and radial clearance of the turbocharger rotor is checked, as well as the operation and activation of the boost pressure control system (bleed valve or variable geometry system).

The components of the turbocharger are disassembled, and carefully assessed and cleaned, the damaged ones replaced by new ones.

During the regeneration, sliding bearings, sealing, mounting rings and other turbocharger seals are always replaced.

It is important to balance the rotor when repairing the turbocharger. It is a two-stage process consisting of balancing the turbocharger’s rotor and then weighing the entire rotating system in its bearings.

In the second stage, the turbocharger works in similar conditions as in an internal combustion engine – the rotating system reaches speeds of 300,000 rpm, and its bearings are constantly supplied with engine oil under appropriate pressure (which also allows to verify the tightness of the turbocharger).


Appropriate adjustment of the rotating system is confirmed by a printed protocol after this process has been completed.

The final phase of the turbine regeneration consists in the final assembly of the remaining elements and appropriate control of the boost pressure control system (bleed valve or variable geometry system).

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