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Turbos are extremely complex and require specialist skills for trouble-free installation and here at Best Turbos? we have the skills you require for that specialist surgery you car requires.

Correctly installed turbos or hybrid turbos make improved contributions to performance, fuel economy and emissions, but incorrect fitting can have the reverse effect on your car, including ECU problems and engine failure .Here are just a few of the steps that a specialist turbo like us at Best Turbos? will undertake as part of the replacement process:
  • Change engine oil and filter to your cars specifications
  • Remove oil and clean and flush before refitting best turbos turbos recon picture
  • Clean turbo oil feed pipes
  • Check and replace when required your feed and drainline pipes to ensure correct oil flow
  •  Prepare turbo with new, oil before connecting the oil inlet pipe
  • Replace gaskets that are damaged or worn.
  • Evaluate the turbo at when the engine is running idle for a few minutes before increasing revs.
  • Road test and check for blowing and leaks in the connections.
  • Always consult a professional like us here at Best Turbos? because we are one of the best at what we do.
  • We supply, recondition and fit and we also offer a recovery service for your car or van.
Send us your email address and we will send you a progress report and photos explaining what problems we encountered with your turbo and how we have combated the problems we found.

Most garages will attempt to install a turbo but do not install them on a regular basis like us, this is what we do and specialize in so please give us a try. turbos manufactures suppliers

Best Turbos? - are specialists in turbo repairs, turbo replacement, turbo reconditioning, turbo rebuild, hybrid turbos and turbo fitting in the United Kingdom

Best Turbos? customer service provide telephone advice on any problems of turbo fitting, turbo fault-finding & turbo diagnosis of any common faults turbo problems for : BMW, Audi, Citroen, Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat, Jaguar, Mercedes, Ford, Vauxhall, Land Rover, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Daihatsu,Toyota, Mazda, GM, KIA and Jeep.

We repair Garrett, Holset, Schwitzer, KKK, Mitsubishi, IHI and Borg Warner turbochargers. We will give each turbo a lifetime warranty if you can commit to regular service checks at our workshop or a standard 24 month guarantee on all our reconditioned turbo chargers. A certificate of testing comes with each turbo.
We turbo supply for: London Stourbridge
Birmingham Tamworth Smethwick
Oldbury Walsall Redditch
Solihull Lichfield Warwick
Luton Stafford Sutton Confield
Worcester Telford Kidderminster
Dudley Coventry Nuneaton
West Bromwich Derby Wolverhampton
Cannock Sheffield Banbury
Leeds York Bristol

* Please be aware, this does not mean we have branches in fallowing cities

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Best Turbos? is a UK based engineering company specializing in hybrid turbos, turbo reconditioning, turbo fitting, turbo repairs: https://bestturbos.uk/turbo-repair-fitting-birmingham-walsall-wolverhampton-solihull-tamworth-telford-redditch-oldbury-stourbridge-dudley-west-bromwich-nuneaton-lichfield-smethwick-leeds-coventry-cannock/

BMW turbo failure, Range Rover turbo problem?


Do you suspect turbo problem? Looking for turbo repair or turbo fitting service? Does your turbo charger whistle, smoke, loose of power, overboost condition or underboost condition? Most of mechanics diagnose turbo fault. Be aware of answer from your local mechanic: ?Computer diagnostics shows – turbo is gone?! What if you been change turbo and problem is the same. According to our statistics, 5 on 10 cars diagnosed with turbo failure, has different problem: vacuum, boost sensor, air map sensor, air leak, oil leak or faulty turbo actuator. Before spending money for new or reconditioned turbo check turbo charger system free of charge! Lack of power, whistling, black, white, blue smoke, ?engine light on? can be reasoned by several problems not turbo charger itself! Best Turbos? offer Free Turbo Inspection and take responsibility for diagnostics! We provide ultimate turbo charger service! Investigate, diagnose, test and competitively price turbo service! ?if we diagnose, job undertake but do not solve the problem we do not charge you! Call us for Free Turbo Inspection! We will verify and check your turbo system, explain to you the failure, a sequence of cause and effect and work out best solution! We fit a turbo in one working day! Check our customer?s reviews to verify our service quality!



Best Turbos? – turbo repairs, replacement, reconditioning, upgrades, rebuilds, fitting service, 24 month warranty, fix price, no hidden costs


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