Turbo problems, replacement, repairs and fitting

I been having a few issues with my BMW 320d for about two months. First I noticed odd noises then lack of power at times.I soon had the same problem with the noise and lack of power.Finally I noticed smoke coming out of my exhaust so I took it back to the garage where they told me that the turbo has gone. Would you be able to help please?

turbo repairs land rover

White smoke when I accelerate

I just wonderin how long can i expect to still be seein white smoke when I accelerate as im still seein quite a bit u did a recon on my BMW 1 Series about 800 mils ago

Turbo repairs costs

Hello, I just found out that my turbocharger needs to be recovered. It is BMW 320 D. Can you tell me the cost of the repars?

Turbo replacement for Astra

Hello how much does it cost to have a turbo recon on a 03 reg Astra turbo please

bmw x3 turbo replacement

BMW X3 turbo reconditioning

Hi I’ve got a 56 reg BMW X3 , I need the turbo reconditioning , how much would it be ? Thanks

Land Rover turbo problems

range rover turbo replacement

My Range Rover have had no power when I accelerate

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Turbo Problems Turbo Failure Turbo Failure Signs Turbo Failure Diagnosis:?https://bestturbos.uk/turbo-problems-turbo-failure-turbo-failure-signs-turbo-failure-diagnosis
? No Power / lack of power
? Black, White or Blue smoke
? Check engine light / Engine System Fault
? Lack of boost / lack of power
? Loud turbo noise / Turbo whistling noise
? Build-up of carbon deposit
? Faulty seals, Turbo bearing, cracks on manifold
? EGR or inlet manifold carbon deposits
? Oil inside intercooler
? Oil leak from intercooler
? Turbo oil seal leakage
Turbo Failure Turbo Diagnosis:?https://bestturbos.uk/category/turbocharger/

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