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What does turbo do?

Turbocharger is a device that increases an internal combustion engines efficiency and power output by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. Turbocharger increases engine power, engine torque and reduces fuel consumption.


Turbocharger itself is not particularly complicated, but the precision with which it must be executed, causes that we are talking about very advanced technology of the item. The turbocharger is a precision device, the rotor of which is driven by exhaust gases emanating from the engine. Its turnover can reach up to 250. 000 rpm

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Turbocharged engines has opened a lot of opportunities, but also causes a lot of trouble, which should remember every user of such a car, whether we are talking about an old car, new, petrol or diesel.

Common turbocharger failures

Impact damage – foreign material entering the turbine housing or compressor housing

Common turbocharger failures

Insufficient oil supply – broken oil feed pipe, restricted oil feed pipe, low engine oil pressure, low oil level, no oil in sump, old or blocked oil filter

Common turbocharger failures

Oil contamination (dirt in oil) ? not maintaining

Common turbocharger failures

Carbon deposit build up – hot shutdown of engine, faulty fuel injector pump, faulty injectors, degraded oil quality, urban drive only can build up carbon deposit


Turbochargers is designed to apply to the engine, which is mounted. The engine and turbocharger are interdependent in such a way as to achieve optimum efficiency. Turbocharger there is an optional accessory that can be dismantled in the event of wear or failure. This device requires the same maintenance as the engine, in particular, periodically checking its attachment

common turbocharger failures pictures

Turbocharger failures

It is not recommended that you attempt to repair or rebuild the turbocharger yourself
Your turbocharger is a simple mechanism, but is made with high quality materials and high precise tolerances order of microns, only turbocharger manufacturers and turbo specialists can repair your turbocharger.

The turbocharger has increased drivers the pleasure of driving. Poorly operated or renovated turbo unit can also cause the problems.

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Best Turbos? – Turbo Diagnostics, Turbo Problems, Turbo Replacement, Turbo failures, Turbo Installation, Turbo Fitting Services


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