Turbo Charger Fault Finder

Turbo failure reasons: lack of lubricant, foreign objects, contamination of oil
Turbocharger fault finder: compressor wheel impact damage, foreign object, defective air filter, turbo bearing damage, defective oil filter, blocked oil filter, excessive boost pressure. high oil consumption, blocked turbo feed pipe or return oil pipe. Turbo: https://bestturbos.uk/

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Turbocharger fault finder: limp mode, turbo charger low boost problem, lack of power, car high fuel consumption, turbo noise on acceleration, black smoke, white smoke,?turbo seized, turbo blown, turbocharger no longer working.

check turbo hoses pipes

Check turbo hoses and pipes: air and oil leaks

turbo vacuum actuator
Check the? actuator, vacuum hoses, boost and leaks sources

bmw turbo actuator electronic

Check actuator electronic, electrical connections , damages

turbo hose clamps
Check the clips: engine maybe is under boost from the turbocharger

check intercooler

Check the intercooler whether it is airproof; if oil is present inside it, it? indicates a turbo fault.boost pressure sensor carbon
Check the boost pressure sensor: you can clean it or exchange for a new one.air mass sensor
Check the mass airflow sensor “MAF”:?cleaning it can increase turbo performance and fuel economy

air filter
Check the air filter condition: replacing clogged air filters improves fuel economy and overall car performance

oil check

Check oil quality for any contamination – particles or debris: over 60% of all turbo failures are oil related. Contaminated or dirty oil? can cause sratches to the turbocharger bearing leading to wear and tear and premature failure. Turbocharger can lose balance that may cause rotor damage and oil leaks.

oil filter

Check the oil filter condition: blocked or damaged oil filter will damage your turbocharger


Warning: contaminated oil or damaged? air filter causes premature wear of bearing surfaces and rotors.

vnt carbon
Check the VNT condition: clogged with carbon will couse excessive fuel consumption and black smoke from the exhaust system.

turbocharger vacuum pipes

Check the turbo charger vacuum pipes for air and oil leaks. There should not be any oil in the system.


turbo rotor damaged

Turbo noise: check the turbo rotors, if damaged, repair or replace the turbocharger

exhaust black smoke turbo problems

The exhaust system- if black smoke is coming out it indicates a turbocharger fault. Main causes are: the turbocharger produces oil instead of air, the actuator arm is blocked,? bearing damage, compressor or turbine wheel damage.

turbo bearing damaged

Turbo common problems: rotor shaft damage, lack of lubrication, bearing obliterateration from contaminated oil.

The turbocharger failure causes:

clogged air filter

clogged air filter

clogged or constricted oil drain pipe

clogged or constricted oil drain pipe

engine blow by excees crankcase preasure

engine blow by excees crankcase preasure

engine oil level above turbo oil drain pipe

engine oil level above turbo oil drain pipe

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Chrysler 3.0 crd c300 turbo failure

Main turbos failure causes:
– lack of lubricant
– foreign objects
– contamination of oil

bmw 520d turbo failure

Common Turbo Faults

If you have the above turbo problems and you are not able to deal with them, call us

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