how to put a turbo in a car

How to install a turbocharger? How to Install a Turbocharger in a Car How to Install a Turbo 1. Lift up the car 2. Remove the oil, drain oil 3. Dismount faulty turbocharger, clean intercooler, fit reconditioned turbo or new turbo, connect the turbocharger’s air outlet to the engine’s intake […]

How to Install a Turbo ?

1. Before installing the turbocharger confirm whether the turbocharger corresponds to parameters of the engine. Please note that improper use of turbochargers or change the type of turbocharger can cause damage or engine failure. 2. Verify that the air supply system and the exhaust manifold is clean, free from: oil, […]

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

Turbo fitting / turbo replacement instructions: You need hydraulic lift, jack stands, ratchet, sockets set and spanners for turbo replacement. Place an oil pan under the engine and remove the oil plug, drain oil, apply new oil and air filter. Remove turbocharger, clean out turbo pipes, intercooler, turbo manifold, […]

Turbo Problems / Fitting Instructions