How to Install a Turbo

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How to Install a Turbocharger in a Car

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How to Install a Turbo

1. Lift up the car
2. Remove the oil, drain oil
3. Dismount faulty turbocharger, clean intercooler, fit reconditioned turbo or new turbo, connect the turbocharger’s air outlet to the engine’s intake and inlet and outlet oil hoses, connect these to the engine’s air intake system.
4. Check to fittings, bolts, and taps are correct
5. Add new engine oil and oil and air filters, check fuel filter
6. Remove the car from the lift or stands and take it for a test drive.

Turbo problems, turbo failures, turbo blue smoke, turbo black smoke, turbo lack of power?

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Turbo fitting problems?

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Turbo fitting

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TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

1. Before installing the turbocharger confirm whether the turbocharger corresponds to parameters of the engine. Please note that improper use of turbochargers or change the type of turbocharger can cause damage or engine failure.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

2. Verify that the air supply system and the exhaust manifold is clean, free from: oil, fragments of seals, sand, dirt and other foreign matter that will damage the turbocharger. Replace the air filter mindful of using only original spare parts.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

3. Check the patency of the turbocharger lubrication oil, pipes and drainage oil should be clean, unobstructed, without sprains and fractures that can restrict the flow of oil. When mounting the oil line using only new and original seals.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

4. Change the oil and oil filter in the engine, using only the recommended oil and filter in front of the vehicle manufacturer.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

5. Check the status of seating turbo and turbocharger mounting bolts on the exhaust manifold, if there are cracks replace screws or collector.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

6. Mount the turbocharger to the exhaust manifold and check qually surface. After screwing turbocharger collector is very important to keep the vertical position of the axis of the air inlet and oil outlet, it is possible that deviation from the vertical axis max. 20º.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

7. Making sure that the mutual position of the turbine housing and the compressor is assembled correctly in relation to the engine accessories. If change is needed, loosen the screws or strap and then tighten it by turning the cover in the correct position. Remember to check whether the turbine wheel does not rub against the cabinet. In the case when the turbocharger has an exhaust bypass valve, do not change the relative position of casing.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

8. Fill turbocharger with engine oil at the same time slowly rotate the rotor. This will ensure that spread evenly the oil inside the turbocharger. Turbocharger pour oil to the full. Not screwing cord oil, rotate the crankshaft using only starter for approx. 20- 30 seconds. In the absence of ignition or a dose of fuel, until the oil appears in the pipeline. Install oil pipes paying particular attention to the correct position of seals. Do not use a silicone only original gaskets . Again rotate the shaft with the starter 15 seconds to be sure, the turbocharger is 100% filled with oil.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

9. Connect the rest of the wires to the turbocharger.

TurboCharger InstallatIon InstructIons

10. Start the engine and leave to idle for about 5 minutes. Check the tightness of all connections, including intercooler to facilitate we can use soapy water to detect leakage of gas connections.

more about turbo fitting:

Turbo Problems / Fitting Instructions

Turbo fitting / turbo replacement instructions:
You need hydraulic lift, jack stands, ratchet, sockets set and spanners for turbo replacement. Place an oil pan under the engine and remove the oil plug, drain oil, apply new oil and air filter. Remove turbocharger, clean out turbo pipes, intercooler, turbo manifold, EGR valve, turbo feed pipes and return oil pipe. Check engine oil pressure, attach the turbocharger and change gaskets from manifold if needed. Connect actuator wire socket or vacuum pipe. Check turbo boost, reset OBD error codes if come back check wires from air MAF sensor, turbo actuator or EGR valve. Faulty MAF sensor need to be replaced. Symptoms Faulty MAF sensor: no boost, loose of power, check engine light.

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Turbo Problems

Turbo lack of power, noisy, whistle, rattle sound, smoke, oil leaks or high oil consumption could result from a faulty turbo system system, restricted / blocked air or oil filters, blocked DPF, blocked Catalytic Converter, EGR valve blocked turbo feed pipe, electronics sensors, faulty turbo actuator, wastegate vacuum failure, VNT build up of carbon, faulty MAF sensorremapping or ECU problems.
Best Turbos™ mechanic, always check crankcase pressure, different than normal may lead to oil leakage from the turbocharger into the inlet and exhaust system.

Turbo problems turbo fitting instruction:

Best Turbos Fitting Instruction

Turbocharger fitting instruction:

Best Turbos™ check of the engine system to determine if the “fault” is actually the turbocharger.

always check EGR valve

EGR Valve failing = Loss of Power, no boost,

Best Turbos™ mechanic, always check EGR valve, intercooler, turbo gaskets, oil preasure, turbo compressor wheel, turbo bearing play, actuator, vacuum, VNT condition…

Best Turbos™ examination include foreign objects, oil contamination, lack of lubrication, over-speeding of the turbocharger, missing or modified DPF or Catalytic Converter and excessive temperature.
Best Turbos™ check the turbo part number to ensure that it is the right one for the engine. We can install hybrid turbo on your request. Turbo fitting service takes normally 1 working day.

turbo replacement instruction steps

Best Turbos™ replace components: turbo, oil feed pipe, banjo bolts, turbo oil drain hose, oil and oil filter, air filter, turbo gaskets, washers and O rings.

turbo fitting problems

Best Turbos™ will clean oil in the charge air cooler pipes, hoses and intercooler

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re-manufactured turbo units


Best Turbos™ re-manufactured turbo units are tested using, high speed vibration analysis test equipment to insure each build turbo meets OEM specifications.
All re-manufactured turbochargers are covered by a two year warranty.
At Best Turbos™, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We are available to take your turbo replacement service, 6 days a week, Monday to Friday 8.00 – 18.00 and Saturday 8.00 – 14.00.

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“Just would like to say thank you very very much. Definitely recommend this garage. Never been so satisfied with my experience I have walked away very happy and the service that has been provided was amazing. They made me feel at peace when i broke down I spoke to the garage owner at 10pm and he advised me and assured me everything would be fine, at this point i had no intention of getting any work done from this garage. Later I had diagnostics done and called garage again, I am based in London but because of the customer service that I received I made sure all my work was carried out here. Thats a full service and turbo change. I’m now sat at the garage writing this review and I have even been offered tea and coffee. Amazing people, Amazing service, and definitely recommended.”

Five Stars

I’d like to thank the best turbo team for the excellent service they took out on my focus ST this week, car went in blowing bad smoke came out like new plenty of boost 5 star customer service very knowledgable unbeatable price would defiantly recommend these to anyone! And most defiantly will use these again in the future!!!!!

Five Stars

Took my bmw 320d here after I had loss of power, gave these guys a call and they told me to come up for a free inspection which they told me my turbo had failed due to oil leaking all inside it.. very quick to get it in for repair. Would recommend these guys to anyone. 1st class service.

Five Stars

Absolutly brilliant service, very trust worthy., honest service. I send my car by recovery driver, thinkn it needed a new turbo. Only for a call three hours later to say that it was just a blocked pipe into the turbo, all cleaned and checked throughly, saved me £400. Took for a test drive and was explained to what the problem was without the jargon. Recommend to evryone.

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Very happy with the professional service provided by this garage, please do not go anywhere else for your turbo problems as this is your number one stop. Thanks best turbos, I will recommend to all my family and friends.

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Best Turbos™ turbo diesel & turbo petrol specialists in the United Kingdom. We pecialize in turbo replacement for Land Rover & turbo replacement for BMW.
We repair also turbos from Audi, VW, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Mini, Vauxhall, Opel, Skoda, Seat and Fiat.
We fit turbos for any light vehicles in 24 hours.
We change oil air and oil filters before fitting turbos, clean intercooler and turbo pipes.
We will show you photographic evidence of the job.

Our garage has the equipment to test most turbo diesel and most turbo petrol cars. We can check your turbo system for free of charge, call you and explain the problem and if you happy to go ahead we will fix the problem.

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Best Turbos™ – Turbo Diagnostics, Turbo Problems, Turbo Replacement, Turbo failures, Turbo Installation, Turbo Fitting Services turbo rebuilds service
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Best Turbos™ – Turbo Diagnostics, Turbo Problems, Turbo Replacement, Turbo failures, Turbo Installation, Turbo Fitting Services