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Land Rover / Range Rover turbo specialist near me. Approved garage repair specialists ?/ ?repair technicians, latest diagnostic equipment, qualified to work on all Land Rover / Range Rover models. Land Rover / Range Rover specialists for turbo or engine replacement, all type of turbo and engine repairs cheaper than dealerships! Land Rover / Range Rover Specialist Birmingham West Midlands independent garage servicing repairs diagnostics for Land Rover / Range Rover Garage. Looking for Land Rover / Range Rover turbo and engine repair? Find a local mechanic garage here! Our Land Rover / Range Rover mechanics will fix your Land Rover. Get a free quote and book appointment.

Land Rover Specialist Near Me

Land Rover Dealer Near Me or Best Turbos? ?
We are independent Land Rover Specialists in Birmingham. The UK’s Land Rover Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Sport, TDV6, TDV8 and 4×4 Specialist. Turbo Repairs & Replacement Specialist. Independent Garage Servicing Diagnostics Repairs & Sales Turbos. Get in touch with our specialist now.


Land Rand Discovery 4 we sent injectors to Bosh for check. We measured compression on cylinder 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Cylinder 1 shown low pressure than the other. We have taken body off to take the head off and we found burned out piston, scratched cylinder and damaged valve. The injector must be leaking long time before what speeded up turbo failure on driver?s side. When turbo charger failed, drained oil to the intercooler, engine sucked oil, over revved driven by its own oil, locked up fuel pump, burned out injectors and damaged head. It is still not the worst case scenario, engine could snap crankshaft and damage the block. This is big problem.

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4×4 Independent Land Rover specialists. Highly skilled vehicle technicians. The leading Land Rover specialists for Birmingham. “Engine System Fault” is coming or loss the power, you looking for Land Rover Specialists?
Land Rover Dealer Near Me or Best Turbos? ?
What needs to be done is: new piston, con rod, bearing on crank shaft, head must be tested (hopefully is OK), new valves, head gasket, set of gaskets. Also what we would advise is to change the timing belt, tensioners while engine is stripped. Estimate cost of all together inc parts: fuel pump, 6 injectors, 2 x turbo chargers, new piston, con rod, bearing on crank shaft, new valves, head gasket, set of oil gaskets + labour body off, we are looking for between ? ?

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Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2.7 turbo problems, lack of power, black smoke, blue smoke, oil leak, whistling noise, turbo replacement:

Best Turbos? – UK’s Largest independent Land Rover and 4×4 Specialists

We need to confirm the prices of head, piston parts. Please check all the pics, we also have videos of your pump, engine rough running after new injector?s installation and lack of fuel pressure before injectors. We do the best what we can. Please call to several companies to compare prices and completion times. Please let us know what you wanted to do ?

We are the Land Rover an experts in Birmingham Oldbury. Call us today to book your appointment.

The engine runs smoothly and rough less. There is no smoke or shakes. The alternator problem is solved. We have test driven your vehicle about 50 miles and it drives perfectly.
There is no leaks. We cover both turbochargers for 2 years warranty also our engine repair, diesel pump, and injectors, labour for 1 year. All what you must do is look after your Land Rover. Change oil, oil filter, every 6k miles, use only quality fuel.
>Land Rover Range Rover Specialist Near Me:

Independent Land Rover Specialist based in Birmingham West Midlands UK
supplying Land Rover genuine turbos. Best Turbos? Independent Land Rover Specialists up to 50% cheaper than Franchise Dealers Service.
Land Rover Dealer Near Me I will choose Best Turbos? !
As per conversation, we have confirmed the fault, turbocharger control unit is seized up. Turbo has been removed off the vehicle. Can you please arrange your engineer to visit us and inspect. Cost of turbo replacement is: ?… turbocharger, ?… labour, oil, oil filter, air filter, feed pipe, system clean, oil pressure measure, 2 years warranty on turbo and labour.

Birmingham’s Premier Independent Land Rover Specialist: Servicing & Repairs, Rebuilds and upgrades Turbos. Best Turbos? an independent Land Rover vehicles specialist. Land Rover Turbocharger:

Land Rover 4×4 Independent Specialists

Hello, I am interested in purchasing turbos for 3.6 Range Rover, however I have been investigating and I have not found original ones brand Land Rover. I have seen your page and I would be pleased if you could tell me if you have them, or where I could find them. Thank you for replying at your earliest convenience.

Land Rover specialist garage in Oldbury, Birmingham. We are an expert in the turbo repair and turbo servicing of Land Rover vehicles. Best Turbos? Range Rover Specialist

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“Land Rover Dealer Near Me” or Best Turbos? ?

Best Turbos? will change both turbos and get it sorted in 3 working days. New turbo from Land Rover Dealer is around ?1500 * 2 plus fitting ?100 per hour or more! This is sick price! “Land Rover independent garage near me” will sort it out for less than 50% of Land Rover Dealer price. Looking for turbo replacement for your range Rover Rport or Land Rover Discovery? Land Rover Dealership doesn’t care about the quality. Turbo from independent garage – Best Turbos? will in the same condition (genuine parts) and does the job properly. Best Turbos? will give you 24 months warranty for turbo and labour. On request they will send you lots of pictures from the job. This is proof the job been done! Best Turbos? will always give you back old parts.

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Land Rover TD4, TDV6, TDV8, Discovery turbo black smoke, blue smoke, oil leaks, whistling noise, lose of power:

Best Turbos? – Turbo Diagnostics, Turbo Problems, Turbo Replacement, Turbo failures, Turbo Installation, Turbo Fitting Services turbo rebuilds service
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Best Turbos? – Turbo Diagnostics, Turbo Problems, Turbo Replacement, Turbo failures, Turbo Installation, Turbo Fitting Services


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