How to replace the turbocharger?

How to replace the turbocharger?
Remove old gaskets from the exhaust manifold, remove oil feed pipe and return pipe. Position the turbocharger onto manifold or engine block using the correct new gasket, O ring, reconnect the exhaust pipe and install oil drain line to the turbo charger. Difficult?

How to replace the turbocharger:?

The most important issue when replacing a turbocharger is that the lubrication system has been thoroughly cleaned, way isolation and flooded with fresh oil and the oil pump operational.

turbos turbochargers parts picture

To be sure, the same turbocharger can also pour a clean, fresh oil before connecting the lubricant. Keep in mind that when changing the oil, it happens that the oil flows from the supply line to the filter through a one-way valve through which oil pipe is empty (without oil).

inlet and outlet turbo pipes

When starting the engine, the air contained in the empty line causes cavitation (which is a mixture of air and lubricating oil in the form of foam).

turbocharger oil leaks

It is the most common cause of dry start. This means that for the first few seconds after the engine bearing turbocharger is not lubricated with a sufficient amount of oil

fill the turbocharger with engine oil at the same time slowly rotate the rotor

While damage to the turbo bearing, the following disturbance stability of the shaft turbocharger increases its radial clearance (his shoulders begin to rub against the body).

interruption or restriction to oil supply

This applies both to the compression wheel and the rotor blades. As a result of wiping followed by detachment of the elements of these rotors.
Forces caused by unbalance are large enough to cause reverse bending roller and the consequences of rupture.
How often to check the engine oil level?
The momentary drop in oil pressure or interruption in the supply of oil is not necessarily caused by a dry start, so do not forget to check out the best and the exchange of oil pipes. The oil supply pipe must be plugged in. This is often a flexible hose which can be bent and result in reduced lubrication.

turbo charger oil contamination

Check the patency of the gastrointestinal air pressure does not reveal the problem. In cases where the oil pipe is located close to the iron casing turbocharger, the oil can be CHAR (carbonize) and fitted in the duct. This reduces the diameter of the wire and reduces the supply of oil to the bearings can lead to damage to the turbocharger speed.

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