How to recognize a defective turbocharger?

1. car whistle when accelerating
My turbo is blown or not working properly. The car is whistle on acceleration. I’m looking for turbo reconditioning and turbo fitting service in Birmingham.

2. Loss power, engine oil loss
Again, we have a feature that is not necessarily a problem with a rotating system of the turbocharger. Therefore, when we find waning in our engine oil, you should knock on a good mechanic and consult it with him. Isolated also can determine if we have a problem with the turbine by verifying that oil is where it should not. The following illustrations show the points at which the appearance of oil may indicate a damaged system spinning.

3. Turbo problems failures ( smell of burnt oil or? white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe )
When a car pulls up, white, black smoke, and in-car smell of burnt oil, we suspect that our turbocharger something was wrong. Turbo failure, damage. lack of power / black smoke
Damaged turbine or VNT or actuator, car suddenly lost the power, we can check your turbocharger

5. Other symptoms and their possible causes
Oil leak from engine looks like from turbocharger, smoke from turbo black or white, engine loose oil, engine shake, no power, sluggish on motorway, whistle sound, looking for good mechanic for turbo replacement? Check our company reputation and call us, free turbo inspection available, we can check exactly problem, call you and discuss about the best solutions.

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