Discovery 3 air suspension fault codes “Suspension Fault Normal Height Only”, Help

Land Rover / Range Rover Discovery 3 or Land Rover Sport air suspension fault codes “Suspension Fault Normal Height Only”, Help

I have had the compressor fail on my Land Rover Discovery 3, I installed reconditioned air compressor, the tank brought the vehicle back to height and fault code it goes off for a couple of days and its comes back again today.

I have looked for air suspension fault codes but cannot see anything. The car is slow down on motorway, I think I got turbo problem. Air suspension problems, check for air leaks at the following locations: compressor, reservoir solenoid valve block, reservoir, front solenoid valve block, rear solenoid valve block, intermediate connections and pipe work

Land Rover Discovery 3 air suspension fault codes “Suspension Fault Normal Height Only”, Help. The air compressor assembly, RQG500090, can be identified by a yellow label on the end of the assembly. The yellow identification label will be replaced by case stamped identification.

How to reset air suspension fault in Land Rover Discovery or Sport? LCD screen message: Suspension Fault Normal Height Only. Land Rover Sport or Land Rover Discovery suspension rising slowly, noisily, failing to rise? Check suspension faults, find real suspension problem. Suspension fault code: C1A20 64, C1A20-64, C1A2064 showing? More suspension errors: ?Suspension error only normal height available”. Suspension fault; pressure not rising quick enough.? or ?Pressure Does Not Exist”…

Land Rover suspension fault: LS204004. Land Rover Sport “Suspension fault” or “Normal height only”, suspension light ( yellow )on the instrument cluster & air suspension control switch inoperative…

Software WDS or LRCD 13

Land Rover have recently released patch 2 for WDS Disc 13, it has new tunes for all TDV6 models. Land Rover Sport or Discovery, Electronic Air Suspension Fault Code: LS204004. The compressor exhaust valve is sticking, causing an internal air leak when the compressor is active. When the new air compressor is installed the air suspension control module software must be updated to the latest specification, using WDS disc 13 or later. New compressor, no need of new dryers which is no longer available from Land Rover Sport and Discovery, RQQ500013, RQQ500014, RQQ500015, RQQ500016, RQQ500020, VUB504700,

Land Rover / Range Rover turbo problem, failure? No boost or power on motorway? Suspension Fault Normal Height Only message on dashboard?


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