BMW Turbo Problems

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 BMW 320d turbo problem when the car loose the power on motorway, very sluggish on start, black smoke when accelerate, white smoke on idle, engine shake on idle, car over revving, engine shake rough idle, engine loose engine oil, overboost condition, underboost condition, lack of power, black smoke, underboost, whistle, over […]

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BMW Turbo problem, failure, smoke, no power, overboost, underboost, air leak from turbo pipe, air leak from intercooler, power loose, sluggish, rattle, siren, whistle, this is the turbo failure symptoms. BMW turbo replacement service 24 month warranty for turbo and labour, always fixed price, no hidden costs, no hassle. Turbo […]

BMW Turbo Problems BMW Turbo Failures BMW Turbo Smoke

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